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The story of LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH is not just the story of an ambitious family business which manufactures particularly robust deep hole drilling machines. It is also the story of the Loch family. What started during the Second World War in 1943 as a four man business is today a company that operates on a global scale. More than sixty years of experience in manufacturing, the thin and flexible structure of a family business, as well as the continuous further development of high quality deep hole drilling machines in accordance with the most up-to-date standards are the reason and a warranty for the high quality of the products and services offered by LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH, right up to now.

In 1974, the cornerstone for founding the company Loch GmbH was laid. Since 1983, LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH has been specialising in the manufacture of custom built deep hole drilling machines as well as in "deep hole drilling" manufacturing technology. The company moved into their newly built company headquarters in Ergolding in 1986 and in 1996 it was certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001. Just a few years later in 2001, the newly built manufacturing hall for contract manufacturing was put into operation and since 2002 LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH has been certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001/2000.

Company history

  • 1943 Establishment of Alfred Loch KG
  • 1945 Reconstruction after the complete destruction of the manufacturing building
  • 1955 Extension of the department mechanical
    production and establishment of a new
    department for foundry of the
    company Alfred Loch KG
  • 1958 Horst Loch becomes head of department of
    the machanical production
  • 1966 Development and production of the first own
    deep-hole drilling machine
  • 1967 First participation in the European Fair for
    Machinery in Hannover
  • 1968 Introduction of the 1965 presented and
    improved ejector-
    drilling process in
    12 European countries 
  • 1976 First manufactured machine for the company
    Until 1989, 18 machines have been
    produced for the company Hegenscheidt and have
    been delivered to various countries around the world 
  • 1983 Foundation of the company
    LOCH Präzisions Bohrtechnik GmbH 
  • 1986 Relocation into a new manufacturing
    building in Ergolding 
  • 1993 Production of the first own
    coordinate-deep hole drilling machine
    with a
  • 1994 Foundation of the department
    contract-work / deep-hole drilling
  • 2000 Wolfgang Loch becomes managing director.
    Production of a machine to drill rings
    for the particle accelorator CERN 
  • 2001 Construction of a new production hall for
    contract-work in the area of deep-hole drilling 
  • 2002 Certification according to ISO 9001/2000
    2008 Overhaul of the machine with the number
    19 after 40 years of smooth operation.
    Machine is in use until today! 
  • 2016 contract-work of parts for the
    experimental reactor for
    nuclear fusion ITER 


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