Deep Hole Drilling Machine
TB 1 / TB 2 maschima

LOCH - Deep Hole Drilling Machines
TB 1 / TB 2

Deep Hole Drilling Units are used chiefly in special machine building, in transfer lines, or with a separate base, as an independently-operating single machine. The BTA- or Gun Drilling system is used here. The units are manufactured with 1-,2-,3-, or 4-spindles, since the compact design combined with an ingenious module system has proved to be extremely reliable. :

The following special features of these units or machines guarantee productivity and drilling accuracy with great ease of operation for years

  • Drill spindle drive with frequency-controlled drive, each spindle separately propelled
  • Feed by frequency-controlled servo-drive with absolute encoder
  • Feed spindle designed as backlash-free recirculating ball-screw
  • Precision bearing drill spindle with lifelong lubrication
  • Tool failure safety devices for best possible tool protection in different versions
  • Strongly connecting rigid welded structure in a compact construction for an increase in the endurance of the tools
  • Short times for retooling and reduction of the machines secondary processing times

LOCH - Deep Hole Drilling Units and Machines of the range TB 1/TB 2

Distinguish themselves by their robust construction, providing long-life service. An optimally designed module system permits all conceivable machine variations within short delivery times. The permanent inflow of the most modern machine-building techniques in construction and manufacture is a guarantee of high-performance and modern plants. All requirements related to drilling capacity and accuracy, combined with suitable drilling tools, can be met for years. Used either as a unit in the building of special machines or as standard or special Deep Hole Drilling Machines – we guarantee the reliability of all our machines.

The following accessories and special-purpose accessories give LOCH-Deep Hole Drilling Machines their manifold possibilities:

Machine tablesStandard tables, special tables, lifting and sliding tables, also co-ordinate tables and circular indexing tables with and without control gear

Clamping equipmentCentering tailstocks, counterrotating tailstocks and special tailstocks with and without indexing apparatus, also cross adjustment for eccentricallylocated bores
Radial clamping vices in standard or special design, hand- or poweroperated chucks, special workpiece-related clamping devices

Feed equipmentChain conveyors, lifting beam conveyors, gantry loading equipment and pallet systems with and without interlinking

Control system Latest CNC- or PLC-control Fault diagnose in clear text or graphically on screen Highly sensitive digital drill breakage safety device, coolant monitoring with signal indication by breakdown, roboter-loading

Other options Quick-action chuck, back cooling equipment for the coolant, workpiece steady rests at longer workpieces, milling and thread cutters, reaming stations, complete cover of the machine, online-service

TB 1-15-2000/ST 4000/2

2-spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine for BTA drilling from
15-30 mm Ø

Drilling depth 2000mm
max. workpiece length 4000mm
variable spindle distance 230-500mm
TB 2-9-1200

Single spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine for gun drilling from
3–30 mm Ø

Drilling depth 1200mm
TB 2-37-1200

Single spindle Deep Hole Drilling Machine with automatic loading system drilling from 20-70 mm Ø

Drilling depth 1200mm


Types of machine   TB 1-15 TB 2-11 TB 2-15 TB 2-22
Drilling depth from – to mm 300–3000 300–3000 300–4000 300–5000
Solid drilling range mm Ø        
Single-spindle model   10-35 3-30 5-30 (40) 15-50
Counterboring mm Ø –40 –45 –65 –100
Input power kW 7,5–15 4-12 7,5–15 7,5–22(30)
Speed range min-1 750–3500 375–9000 375–6000 300–3000
Speed Change   stufenlos stufenlos stufenlos stufenlos
Feed, infinitely variable mm/min 0–1000 0–1000 0–1000 0–1000
Rapid traverse, forward & return mm/min 7500 7500 7500 7500
Height of centres, standard mm 250 250 250 250
Coolant tank volume l 800–2000 800–2000 800–2000 800–3000
Coolant flow rate per spindle l/min 10–115 10–115 10–200 25–400