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LOCH - Cylinder Processing Machine

Cylinder Processing Machines are inserted today primarily in the hydraulic manufacturing, as well as in spraying mechanical engineering. Likewise, the possibility exists to use the machines with appropriate equipment also for the chamberboring of inner contours. Beyond that, the skiving and roller burnishing (tumble) used here, gains even in general mechanical engineering more and more significance. For example, construction units with high surface quality which require at the same time a high standard of firmness by solidification of the workpiece surface. Cylinder Processing Machines can be used beside the usual drilling out skiving and roller burnishing operations also for full boring, depending on installed achievement and equipment. Here, fast re-equipping particularly becomes effective by a sensible building block principle, so that secondary times are reduced to a minimum. For drilling and/or peeling and smooth rolling mill tool, all commercial tools can be used.
The following characteristics of our machines guarantee the efficiency and drilling accuracy on a high ease of operation for years:.

  • Drilling spindle and feed drive by frequencycontrolled drive
  • Feed motion over ball screw with double nut/mother adjusted free from play and/or over 4,000 mm of drilling depth
  • Feed motion by reciprocal rack gear with play take-up
  • Precision-stored drilling spindle for highest surface quality
  • Tool failure safety device for best possible tool protection
  • High precision assured by the linear guidance in connection with rolling over elements

LOCH - Cylinder Processing Machines

in horizontal or vertical building method have established as reliable and highly precise alternative to honing machines due to our experiences in low boring in the past few years.
With their economy, they have entered a firm place mainly in the cylinder manufacturing area.
Our know-how in the technology of the peeling of smooth rolling and a constant exchange of expert knowledge with other tool manufacturers, guarantee an optimal adjustment of tool and machine.
The following accessories are available as standard equipment and ensure the problem-free employment of our Cylinder Processing Machines:

Span mechanisms Zentrierreitstock bzw. Gegenlaufreitstock zum axialen Zentrieren und Spannen zwischen Spannglocken, oder zwischen Spannfutter und Spannglocke

Cooling agent supply apparatus (KUEZA/BOZA) For different work areas available, with fast changeable changing parts, prepare-friendly, for the appropriate hole diameters

Tool retractionAutomatic skiving cutter retraction in all necessary types (depends on tool)
During appropriate equipment: chamber-boring of inner contours possible

Feed equipment Simple linear and rotating loading assistance (for vertical machines), chain- and lifting beam conveyors, gantry loading systems with and without interlinking

Control systemLatest CNC- or PLC-control
Highly sensitive digital tool failure safety devices, coolant monitoring systems with signal indication by breakdown

Other optionsComplete cover of the machine, online-service


BSR 4-52-2000

Cylinder Processing Machine for drilling out, skiving and roller burnishing of 40-250 mm in a diameter with an operating depth of max. 2000 mm

Drive power 51 kW
Rotary tool Drilling spindle number of revolutions 96-1980 min-1
SRV 3-30-1200

Cylinder Processing Machine for combined skiving and roller burnishing of 40–150 mm in diameter and 1200 mm of operating depth Vertical building method with workpiece load assistance

Drive power 32 kW net at the working spindle Spindle number of revolutions 110-1390 min–1
BSR 6-75-1500

Cylinder Processing Machine for a combined counter boring, skiving and roller burnishing of 100-150 mm in diameter and 1500 mm of operation depth


Types of machine   BSR 1-30 BSR 4-51 BSR 6-74
Drilling depth from – to mm 300–4000 300–8000 300–8000
Counterboring range mm Ø 20–100 20–250 30–350
Skiving and roller-burnishing mm Ø 40–80 40–250 40–400
Tool retraction hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Drilling system BTA BTA BTA
Input power kW 30 51 74
Spindle speeds stepless stepless stepless
Speed range min-1 300–2000 64–1540 44–1200
Feed, elektro-mechanical stepless stepless stepless
Drilling mm/min 0-1000 0-1000 0-1000
Skiving and roller-burnishing mm/min 0-2500 0-2500 0-2500
Draw feed mm/min 0-2500 0-2500 0-2500
Rapid traverse, forward & return mm/min 7500 7500 7500
Height of centres, standard mm 250–400 300–400 300–400
Coolant tank volume l 1000–4000 1000–7000 10000
Coolant flow rate l/min 50–400 40–700 50–700/100–1400