Co-ordinate Deep Hole
Drilling Machinetiff-ima

LOCH - Co-ordinate Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Co-ordinate Deep Hole Drilling Machines are used chiefly in mould-, die- and tool-making, as well as for singlepart and mass production.
Depending on the application, gun drilling tools are used for deep hole drilling work, and also BTA tools in special cases.
By the use of a special tool-carrier with steep taper seating, it is possible to produce all conventional processes such as spot-facing, thread-cutting, milling, etc., in addition to deep hole drilling. It is thus possible to carry out even complicated sequences of operations on one workpiece in one clamping.
The following special features of these Co-ordinate Deep Hole Drilling Machines guarantee productivity and drilling accuracy with great ease of operation over many years:

  • Drill spindle drive by frequency-controlled drive
  • Feed of all axes by frequency-controlled servo-drive with absolute encoder
  • Feed spindle designed as backlash-free re-circulating ball-screw
  • Precision bearing drill spindle with lifelong lubrication
  • Guide system with hardened and ground steel guide rails combined with preloaded rolling elements (almost wear-free and without stick-slip effect)
  • Large vertical adjustment range of the unit at the slide, without foundation works

LOCH - Co-ordinate Drilling Machines

The most modern CNC-Control with Clear Text Fault Diagnosis provides a frictionless and fault-free sequence of operations. Whether the machine units are used for single-part or mass production, we guarantee the reliability of all machines built, where the following accessories and special accessories still extend the manifold employment possibilities:

Machine tables The machine tables axis of rotation can optionally also be fitted as a NC-axis

Clamping equipmentBy mounting centering tailstocks or counter-rotating tailstocks, the Co-ordinate Drilling Machines can also be used in combination with self-centering steadies for drilling centric bores in symmetric-rotating parts

Feed controlHighly sensitive drill breakage safety device, plus coolant control devices, for tool-monitoring, to switch off the machine, giving signals before overload and return to initial position

Feed equipment Combined with gantry loading equipment or pallet systems, the machines are also suitable for operator-free use

Drilling units Pivoting by option about +/- 20°

Other optionsComplete cover of the machine, separate high-efficient milling and screw thread cutting spindle, online-service

KTB 1-5 / 12-05-12 / 05 CNC
Table Longitudinal stroke 500mm
  Transverse stroke 1200mm
Unit Vertical stroke 500mm
  Drilling stroke 1200 mm
Drilling rangeØ 3–25 mm
KTBF 1-6 / 12-10-12 / 05
Table Longitudinal stroke 500mm
  Transverse stroke 1200mm
Unit Vertical stroke 1000mm
  Drilling stroke 1200 mm
Drilling rangeØ 3–30 mm incl. separate milling spindle
KTB 2-22 / 15-10-15 CNC
Table Longitudinal stroke 1500mm
Unit Vertical stroke 1000mm
Drilling stroke 1500mm
Drilling range Ø 5-40 mm
max. Table load 20 t


Types of machine   KTB 1-4 KTB 1-5 KTB 1-6 KTB 2-22
Drilling depth from – to mm 250–500 600–1200 1000–1500 600–2000
Solid drilling range mm Ø 2–15 3–25 3–30 5–40
Counterboring mm Ø –20 –35 –40 –65
Input power kW 3,7–5,5 5,5–7,5 7,5–12 11–22
Drilling system Gun Drilling Gun Drilling Gun Drilling Gun Drilling(BTA)
Speed range min-1 1500–10 000 stepless 750–7500 stepless 500–8000 stepless 300–4000 stepless
Feed range mm/min 0–1000 stepless 0–1000 stepless 0–1000 stepless 0–1000 stepless
Rapid traverse, forward & return mm/min 7500 7500 7500 7500
Table movement, longitudinal (W-axis) mm 500 500 500 500
Table movement, transverse (X-axis) mm 500–1000 1000–2000 1000–3000 1000–3000
Height adjustment stroke (Y-axis) mm 300–500 500–1000 500–1000 500–1000
Table clamping surface max. mm 1000 x 1000 1000 x 1000 1200 x 1200 2000 x 2000(3000)
Table load max. daN 2000 5000 5000 20000
Coolant tank volume l 500–2000 1000–2000 1000–2000 1000–3500
Coolant flow rate l/min 5–65 10–115 10–115 10–230